Business Consultation

service from : Dennings Network

The Dennings Network is a mobile and flexible big team of lawyers, headhunters, employment experts, developers and designers, marketing guru and business development specialist. We are all experts in what we do, but when clients’ need arises, we form a Special Project Team to serve your interest, and you only receive invoice from one entity. We only take tough cases, and we only serve clients in which we see future potential.

Recruitment in Legal and Tech

service from : HOCEANS

Hoceans are experts in Legal and IT recruitment. Its Legal recruit is run by lawyers qualified in PRC, UK and HK, and other consultants carrying long experience in the legal industry. Its Tech recruit serve only blue-chip clients, for golden positions.

Tech Business Representation and Consultancy

service from : HOCEANS

Whilst Dennings are involved directly in app and web development, all business representation and consultation works are conducted by Hoceans, including our expertise in app and tech company management, marketing, development, branding and operation. Hoceans’ clients include the highly regarded data science specialist firm DEEPERA, and more.

Recruitment Specialist for PRC

service from : TOPVIEW (Beijing)

Topview is led by an experienced Headhunter with a team of 7 (and growing) consultants. It understands clients of PRC China, but are also able to reach out to the world, either through its dedicated team, or through its associates at Hoceans and the wider Dennings network.


ORIGIN BUSINESS (Kaohsiung and Hong Kong)

Translation is also all about understandings. Without in-depth knowledge in the legal systems and the history and cultures behind the languages, precise and vivid translation can never be achieved. Origin Business know and appreciate your needs and demands. It provides efficient, cost-effective and to-point legal Chinese-English / English-Chinese translation services. The team is run by a qualified translator and qualified lawyer with a Master of Laws.

Intellectual Property Protection

ORIGIN BUSINESS (Kaohsiung and Hong Kong)

Origin Business can assist you in the full spectrum of Intellectual Property protection, from trademark, registered design to patents. It can handle your worldwide trademark portfolios, or initiate enforcement actions relating to anti-counterfeiting and customs actions. Its track record of success is undisputed and has a particularly strong network in the Greater China Region.

Social Media Management

service from : Dennings

Our Social Media management expert assist traditional corporations to set their "SMART" goal. Without complicated methodology or fancy dashboard, we listen to you! Together we define the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely goals for your social media strategy. We review your contents, source, limitation and assist your project owner to set practical policies.