Origin Business Consultancy Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong and Kaohsiung)

Origin Business is led by Mr. Johnson Lam, Solicitor, HKSAR. From company incorporation, board meetings, to protecting your intellectual properties in trademark, registered design and patent, Origin Business supports our clients’ growth with its elite group of professionals, and utilizes the expertises across the group of companies. Johnson is our business partner.

Hoceans Limited (Hong Kong)

Our dedicated Legal and IT recruitment teams under ‘HOCEANS’ are led by Ms. Regina Kwok, Solicitor, HKSAR and Mr. Ricky Lau, MBA HKUST and expert in App and Tech marketing and analytics. The team’s legal recruit has a strong focus in HK and PRC. IT recruits go wherever our clients go and we work hand-in-hand with our specialist China recruitment team Topview.

Topview Limited (Beijing)

Topview was founded in 2013 by McQueen, and currently has 7 consultants (growing). She is experienced in headhunting and aims to make improvements to what market can provide to clients. Topview provides traditional headhunting services with more in-depth understanding of its clients, structure and team synergy.


靈機文化以中華傳統文化“信德德仁”為企業價值觀,信乃經營之本,德乃立身之道,仁乃處世之基,勇乃創新之源,得道多助,是故,信者不朽, 德者不孤,仁者不憂,勇者不懼也;靈機文化致力於通過互聯網科技,圍繞用戶需求持續創新,弘揚並創新性的發展和傳承中華優秀傳統文化,為全球中華文化愛好者提供具有 競爭力的中華傳統文化學習,諮詢和服務。靈機文化在中華文化,國民教育和中醫藥等領域深耕多年,旗下簽約合作老師達數百位,用戶分佈在全球各地,互聯網拳頭產品有順歷艾茸寶寶,修行者等,同時在線下佈局有實體店靈機文化館。

CY Accounting & Consulting Co.,

CY Accounting locates in Hong Kong, and is managed by Mr. Charles C.Y. Yip, MBA, FCPA, FCCA. Charles has a career assisting clients big & small on their accounting, tax filing, company set up and corporate secretarial works. CY Accounting is cost effective and treat your business with care. It is supported by the Dennings network of experts in legal, HR, IT and data analytics, so you can rest assured to engage CY Accounting for a one-stop accounting solution.